IMPAVIDVM is an on going project developed by PiMark Games. We use no engines... just a few libraries and a lot of sweat, hard work and passion! The final game will contain at least 20 unique levels and the full developed story.

Do you want to know who is behind the sadistic plan of trapping you in a dungeon full of deadly traps? Stay tuned for the next updates!

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IMPAVIDVM is a physics based platformer with puzzle solving components where you have to overcome increasingly complex obstacles, testing your abilities... continue...
Special Report Episode 44: Nightvision: IMPAVIDVM on The SWW Show • Oct 30 continue...
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Tester Area

We are proud to have you on our side, helping us in this amongous project. We will put all the effort needed to offer you the best game experience we can possibly achieve.

If you are an approved tester, please access the Download Page through this form.